Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of ED!

erectile dysfunction symptoms


The male impotence or erectile dysfunction is the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection to allow satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Must be differentiated from other problems in the sexual sphere such as lack of desire, ejaculation disorders (premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, no ejaculation) or orgasm disorders.

Impotence or Erectile dysfunction is a very common disease that can affect a sufferer’s relationships with their partner, family, as well as labor and social environment.

There are several risk factors that may favor the impotence or erectile dysfunction, diabetes , hypertension , snuff and alcohol consumption, high cholesterol , certain drugs and depression .

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms are results of the Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can be caused by:

  •     Psychological causes:

the penis has no physical alteration, but psychological problems such as anxiety (often caused by fear of not getting an erection or to defraud the woman), depression , problems with the couple and even stress can affect the sexual act.

  • Also the excessive preoccupation with labor problems, social or family involve not devote the necessary attention to the sexual act. Fatigue, poor appetite, lack of exercise, sleep or job failure also unbalanced sexual reflexes.
  • Vascular causes, are very common.

The penis can not collect the blood needed for an erection is usually because not in sufficient quantity. Smoking, having high blood pressure , diabetes , heart diseases and changes in blood cholesterol levels can lead to vascular disorders that hinder the erection.



erectile dysfunction symptoms

  • Neurological causes: in these cases there is an interruption in the transfer of messages from the brain to the penis because there is an injury to the nerves involved. This occurs with lesions of the spinal cord, multiple sclerosis or surgery in the pelvis.
  •     Hormonal causes: they are rare. Usually due to a lack of male sex hormones.

    Drug Causes: There are several medications that have side effects diminish as the ability to have an erection. Among them are drugs to treat hypertension , heart disease and psychiatric disorders.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and Diagnostics of ED

It is made from medical history and a medical examination. An interview with the person can reveal psychological factors involved in the disorder of erection.

It is also useful to interview the sexual partner to determine those factors and get some insights into the sexual life from another point of view.

It is also frequently performed blood tests and / or urine to detect if there is excess blood sugar as well able to diagnose or rule out diabetes .

It is also recommended to measure the levels of testosterone (male sex hormone), especially if impotence is associated with a lack of desire.

In the case of young patients with specific problems may require more complex tests such as physical examination, measurement-monitoring of the penis during the night, the injection of drugs into the penis, or Doppler test.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms lead us to the Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction.

Many doctors suggest that the choice of treatments for impotence or erectile dysfunction to be followed should be the least to most invasive.

  • First, the abandonment of drugs, and second, psychotherapy and behavior modification, then vacuum devices or drugs, and finally, surgery. –
  • Psychological support: It is recommended in men younger than 40 years, since in these states the cause of the disease is usually mental.
  • Even in cases of impotence due to physical problems, many people need psychological help to overcome self-esteem problems from the disease.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and the use of Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.

  • Tadalafil, sold as Cialis, works by increasing blood flow to the penis in the presence of sexual stimulation.

You have to ingest the drug 30 minutes before sexual intercourse and its effectiveness can be reached 24 hours after administration.

Dietary intake does not affect drug absorption. Side effects are generally mild to moderate headache, rhinitis , flushing and muscle aches.

  • Vardenafil, which receives the trade name Levitra works by increasing blood flow to the penis always in the presence of sexual stimulation.
  • His administration must be between 25 and 60 minutes before intercourse and lasts up to 12 hours. Side effects of this medication are mild, ranging from headaches and nausea to dizziness or rhinitis . Keep in mind that the drug concentration in blood is delayed if you eat a meal high in fat.
  • Sildenafil, known as Viagra, acts by enhancing blood flow to the penis, thus facilitating erection. There is evidence of positive effect on a 40-80 per cent of men. 

Should be taken one hour before sexual activity and has no side effect on sexual desire. However, it can cause side effects like headache, flushing, gastrointestinal disorders and vision.

They can not take men who suffer from retinitis pigmentosa or who are taking nitrates. In any case, before you start taking this pill you should always consult a physician.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and other forms of Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.

    Counseling and psychiatric treatment: It is advisable if the patient has depression or other psychological problems that can result in impotence.
    Hormonal treatment is necessary when the impotence caused by a hormonal problem. It is administered as patches, pills or injections. Is rare.
    Transurethral therapy: is the local application of drugs through the urethra, the tube through which urine passes (it is important to facilitate urination immediately after absorption of the drug).

Erection takes between ten and fifteen minutes in place and the drug is effective in 43 percent of patients.
    Intracavernosal injection, involves injecting a specific dose of a drug directly into the penis using a thin needle to activate the physical processes that cause an erection. Should be applied ten or fifteen minutes before sex, the dose is adjusted to the erection lasts about an hour.

   Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms  and the use of Vacuum devices, also known as Penis pumps.

Vaccum Pump or Penis Pump is a plastic cylinder is placed over the penis. Air cylinder is removed for the vacuum, causing the blood into the member to produce an erection. A constricting ring at the base of the penis traps the blood and maintain an erection during intercourse.

  •     Penile Implants:

Currently uses three types of implants for the treatment of impotence: hydraulic implants, inflatable plastic prostheses and implants, all of which require surgical intervention.

Although many patients have benefited from implant surgery, this is an irreversible procedure, the erectile tissue is injured permanently by implanting these devices, which has fallen into relative disuse at the expense of less risky methods and less expensive.
    Surgery: Surgery is used in less than 1 percent of cases of impotence. Venous surgery is ineffective and rarely used. Is to block the veins that allow blood to leave the male member.

The surgery rebuilds arteries to increase blood flow and blood pressure within the penis. It is practiced in young patients who have suffered an accident that has affected the normal blood supply. It also is used to implant prostheses.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and when they might appear?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction occurs more frequently in men over 40 years. Between 40 and 70 years, it was found that 30 of every 100 men suffer some form of impotence, which may be more or less severe. Appearing also influence a number of factors:

    Being a smoker.
    Being a diabetic .
    Have high blood pressure or diseases Cardica.
    Have altered levels of cholesterol.
    Suffering depression .
    Consume certain drugs to combat depression and high blood pressure.

The role of man:

Instead of becoming discouraged, the person who is diagnosed with impotence or erectile dysfunction should take personal action to help overcome successfully this condition:

  •     Psych prepare psychologically and that from that moment cease to be impotent.
  •     Discuss with your partner about the emotional problems.
  •     Staying in good physical condition and at a normal weight.
  •     Ensure that impotence is not the result of a disease: diabetes , multiple sclerosis or atherosclerosis .
  •     Do not drink alcohol or use snuff, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, sedatives, etc.
  •     Attempting intercourse while the penis is erect (intercourse is the most powerful sexual stimulant).
  •     Make a test with a mechanical stimulant.

    Always consult with specialists.

The role of women:

The woman whose partner has erectile dysfunction should also assist in the process of overcoming. Among other things, you should act as follows:

    Perform massage and soft contacts on the genitals of your partner, help man to achieve enough stimulation.
    Liked the male sexual behavior if it gets the penetration, however brief, to increase their self-esteem.
    The passionate foreplay almost always causes an erectile response in the male penis.

Special mention should also disorder impotence or erectile dysfunction in the elderly, as there are many misunderstandings. As a result of the aging process, there is usually more refractory period (time required for a new erection after orgasm).

Age also seems to affect the time to get excited, for the erection and ejaculation.

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