Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Solutions to Choose From.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The treatment of erectile dysfunction depends on what the causes are.

After your doctor checks to detect medical problems and medications that may cause erectile dysfunction, it may make you try a medicine to help treat erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil (brand name: Viagra), tadalafil and vardenafil are drugs taken by mouth that help maintain an erection. Not all men can use these drugs.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – do I have to always go to the Doctor?

Your doctor will discuss the possibility to use alprostadil if oral medications are not an option for you. Alprostadil is a synthetic version of prostaglandin E.

It can be injected into the penis or inserted as a suppository into the urethra tiny. Your doctor will help you decide which treatment is best for you.

How should I take this medicine for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Follow your doctor’s instructions. Usually, a man takes 1 tablet 30 minutes to 1 hour before the time you plan to have sex. You should not take more than 1 tablet for a period of 24 hours.

The drug is available in tablets of 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. Most patients start taking 50 mg.

Even if you take sildenafil, you still need physical and mental stimulation and desire to have an erection. If the first dose of Viagra does not help, call your doctor. Your doctor may want to change your tablet strength.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – what are the side effects from the pills?

Sildenafil has some common side effects:

Flushing (redness and warmth in the face and upper body).
Upset stomach.
Runny nose (runny nose).
Changes in vision (objects look blue).

Headache is the most common side effect. Changes in vision are the least common. Talk to your doctor if you have any side effect that causes discomfort.

Call your doctor right away if you take sildenafil and has a prolonged erection lasting 4 hours or more. This condition can cause permanent impotence if not treated.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Can anyone use this medicine?

No. You should not take this medicine if you take nitroglycerin or other nitrate drug for chest pain. If you have heart problems, tell your doctor before taking sildenafil. This drug can have serious side effects in people with heart problems.

You do not want to apply erectile dysfunction solutions that will create some other problems afterwards.

If you take sildenafil and has chest pains, be sure to let the paramedics, nurses or doctors at the hospital taking it and when was the last time I took it.

You also should not take sildenafil if you are taking other medicines for erectile dysfunction.

What other options do I have for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

If drugs are not suitable for you, you could also try using a penile implant or device with a vacuum pump, or could have surgery. Your doctor may refer you to a urologist to talk about these options.

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Natural Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.

Useful natural products to combat impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) and promote circulation.

Although scientists are increasingly inclined to evaluate the hormonal issues, neurological, and psychological reasons that make this beneficial effect.
Anyway, what is important is to understand that in order to deal with a person’s general health, you should take into account the problem of sexual dysfunction.

Even natural remedies exist. thy do not ensure that it will work 100%, that is why most experts see as the best solution to take medications. Basically, the ways you choose to treat ED depend on the erectile dysfunction causes.

Medications must be taken by prescription and are not for life, especially in psychological dysfunctions. Taking them for a season or time that help to recover the manhood function is enough.

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